POSNext Release – September 6th, 2019

Pricing Rule (Autopricer)

  • Brokers are now able to add automated pricing rules to their ticket groups.
  • The pricing rule will adjust prices once an hour (rounded to the nearest dollar) up until an hour before the event.
  • The inventory now contains a Pricing Rule column which shows an icon when a pricing rule is active, as well as the overall price trend.

UX/UI Updates

  • Brokers are now able to view the Proof of Transfer they have previously provided
  • Continued labelling work (low-hanging fruit), adding Label to “View Options”
  • Added animation/easing to Map View Zoom
  • Added a “Has Barcodes” icon to the Inventory and Orders grids
  • Update Mercury Add to Inventory workflow – we now lock tickets immediately after the quantity selection, making it more likely that the Mercury purchase will be successful!