POSNext Release – September 18th, 2019

Inventory and Season Ticket Support

  • Ability to move ticket groups to a new event (Single Edit Tickets and Bulk Edit)
  • Season Ticket Support – It is now possible to add additional events to the Add Tickets screen, and
  • Season Ticket Support – Ability Shift+Click to Select All results from a search
  • Combine Notes and Tags when Combining TGs

Order Grid

  • The Orders Grid now has an additional filter for filtering by Venue Name

UI Updates 

  • Filter panel navigation has been updated and improved
  • Brokers are protected from accidentally overwriting their tracking # by a confirmation screen

Mobile Updates

  • Easier to select e-mail addresses on mobile by converting to a mailto link.
  • Removed filter when users exit the Event Inventory view
  • Shopping Cart icon is more noticeable