POSNext Release – October 3rd, 2019


  • Updated “My Events” Checkbox behavior to make more sense in user workflow.  It now starts unchecked and has to be selected 
  • Inventory – On-Hand column tooltip has been updated to be more expressive.  It will now show the number of days until the ticket group is on-hand, as well as the number of days before the event the date corresponds to.
  • Added an inventory filter to allow brokers to filter by Split Rule
  • Added ability to clone ticket groups to any other event or combination of events.
  • Added alternate layout for Maps View where Map is on the side and columns are limited, available from View Options

TN Link / Uploaders

  • To improve mapping and transparency of accept note types, uploaders are now able to log in an access a searchable repository of valid Notes.


All Grids

  • Added visible element for vacation mode that is visible on all screens


  • It is now possible for brokers to enter their own TickPick credentials


  • Updated inaccuracies in hovertext for cart adding
  • Fixed incorrect message when failing to change ticket group from one event to another
  • Fixed issue with not all tickets being added from Bulk Add Tickets screen

Tech Debt

  • Removed some code that had the potential of slowing down performance