POSNext Release – July 30th, 2019


  • 3rd Party labels – have a great rate with a shipping provider?  Generate your own shipping label and upload it to any hardstock purchase of Mercury inventory (must be in PNG format

UI Updates

  • Pagination option has been added back to POSNext!  Simply go to the View Options on the top right and click on Pagination to set your preference.
  • “Cost Per Ticket” now autofills to 0 on Add Tickets
  • UI Updates – If information for a purchase is missing (phone number, address, e-mail, etc.), the error message is now a hyperlink to the page that needs to be updated.

File Upload

  • File Uploaders now have access to the grid “Export” functionality
  • Fixed some UI bugs for alignment on TN Link

Shopping Cart

  • The shopping cart now persists if a user needs to log into their Braintree account and authorize POSNext before making a credit card purchase.


  • Fixed a silent refresh timeout error that was logging out users unexpectedly.